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Patient Forms


To download any of the following documents, simply click on the form name. Another window will open with a PDF, which can be downloaded onto your computer.

The Patient Information Form must be completed before visiting Dr. Arredondo for the first time.

Please review Dr. Arrendondo’s Payment Policies before arranging for an appointment.

The Review of Systems is the most important clinical form. It reviews possible symptoms in each of the major bodily systems. PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO BRING IT.

The Notice of Privacy Practices must be reviewed, and your acknowledgment must be signed on the Patient Information Form, before your first appointment. It should answer all your questions about patient confidentiality.

Download the Informed Consent for Use of New Technologies in Psychotherapy after having met with Dr. Arredondo.

As always, you can contact Dr. Arredondo for more information.

Forms for Download:

Patient Information Form

Payment Policies

Notice of Privacy Practices

Review of Systems

Informed Consent for Use of New Technologies in Psychotherapy

Fees & Billing

General Policies on Billing, Fees and Managed Care

Initial consultations vary in length depending on the complexity of each case, but usually are approximately one hour. They include a differential diagnostic and initial treatment recommendation including (but not limited to) recommended for follow up, alternative or holistic approaches, consultations, further testing, medication, psychotherapy, supportive counseling, coaching, group therapies (including self-help) or reassurance that symptoms can be managed without further psychiatric intervention.

Psychotherapy varies from 20-50 minutes depending on whether there are medications or other modalities being utilized. Medication monitoring and visits are usually about 15-20 minutes long. If in psychotherapy medications have been prescribed, they are discussed during psychotherapy in the same session with no additional charge or appointment necessary. Fees are adjusted accordingly in the case of regularly scheduled ongoing psychotherapeutic visits (e.g., once-weekly appointments are charged at a lower rate).

Detailed written evaluations, forensic reports and other report preparation are provided as necessary and as a separate service.


Dr. Arredondo does not bill insurance companies and is not on managed-care insurance panels. These panels are generally used by doctors to get referrals, and as a way for insurance companies to cut their costs and enhance their profitability. Unfortunately, with managed care insurance companies, doctors are expected to forgo confidentiality to discuss your case with minimally trained and experienced insurance company employees whose job it is to “authorize” the treatment of their enrollees. In other words, by phone, in a distant office, a faceless insurance company employee determines what kind of treatment his company will authorize. Usually this comes down to the aggressive use of medication and limitations on the frequency, duration and quality of more thoughtful alternatives.

Dr. Arredondo believes treatment decisions are best left to the doctor and patient in collaboration, without the intermediary of an administrative functionary who knows you only as a case to be fiscally managed. In addition to not compromising your treatment recommendations, Dr. Arredondo protects your confidentiality as fully as the law allows. He does not send reports to your health plan or insurance company unless you request it.

You will receive monthly, itemized statements appropriate for insurance reimbursement, but you are financially responsible for all services provided but Dr. Arredondo will provide additional paperwork or documentation to assist you. You are free to submit your invoices and charges for insurance reimbursement, but you decide how much of your personal information to share with your insurance company.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Arredondo for more information.